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The Wild Wind Folk Art & Craft Festival is founded on a commitment to handcrafted artistry and creativity. Its long-standing promoter, Carol Jilk, was an exhibitor herself during the initial years, showcasing her paintings in the event’s original venue - a sheep field on top of Brown Hill in Youngsville, Pennsylvania. 


While the festival has grown and evolved from those first years, the focus is still the same. Inspired folk art, traditional American crafts, fine art, and handmade collectibles remain the core of the event. What makes the Wild Wind Folk Art & Craft Festival especially unique, however, is its family focus. The event itself came out of inspiring conversations between a group of couples gathered at the dinner table. From there, a company of family and friends became the driver for successfully propelling the festival forward and making it what it is today -  a weekend-long event that brings together not only a community of artisans but also the generations of families who attend. 


Now in its 44th year, we are proud that the familial foundation remains. This event owes its success to the dedicated effort of the promoters’ families coupled with the support of the greater Warren County community, the Warren County Fairgrounds, and, ultimately, the network of artisans who share their talents. To all, our gratitude runs deep!

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The year was 1979, a few friends got together for dinner. The conversation eventually turned to the subject of crafts and everyone agreed that what our area needed was a high quality craft show. In the mid to late 70's, there weren't many shows of this nature in existence.

Long story short - we decided that the time was right! It was this country's Bicentennial and this had created a great renewed interest in American made handcrafts from a bygone era. Seeking the joys of simpler times, amid the huge technological strides that were being made in the U.S. at the same time, seemed to be a parallel quest.

This decision - to put together the first Wild Wind show, was to be the beginning of a long lasting friendship and business partnership and the seeds were sown for what has grown over the years into the nationally recognized and highly respected Wild Wind Folk Art & Craft Festival.

Wild Wind's history is one filled with a great deal of dedication, a lot of hard work with a large dosage of fun! Plus, we have been privileged to become acquainted with hundreds of talented craftsmen


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Our History

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